ConexxtDirect™ HUBS

Reliability Matters


Choose a Reputable HUB Manufacturer


To ensure seamless Z-Wave Performance,


(EG: Telus, Amazon, Google)


The indepemdant industy has created an impressive 3,000+ smart home devices compatible with Z-Wave, the leading protocol in home automation and security.


Z-Waves low-frequency operation ensures minimal wireless interference with


Z-Wave's mesh network allows signals to hop between devices, supporting up to 232 devices per network, including smart plugs, sensors, locks, and thermostats.


But beware: not all HUBs are created equal.

Avoid private labeled options and choose a reputable manufacturer to ensure seamless performance, reliability, and security for your smart home setup.


All Private Labled HUBS will promote their

products and limit you ability to

Freely Choose The Best Devices.


It will be literally impossible for any

Private Labled Smart HUB

To keep up and or compete with

independant brands



Conexxt™ HUBS