Your Home Has Changed


Conexxt Direct™


Conexxt Direct™


Revolutionizing and Simplifing

Smart Home Technology


Conexxt™ and Direct Security have joined forces to create ConexxtDirect™


A cutting-edge smart home company that combines innovative technology

with top-notch security solutions.


Our mission is to provide homeowners

with a seamless and integrated experience


Connecting worlds their everyday

living spaces like never before.


Platforms For HUBS

Welcome to Conexxt Direct ™


A premier smart home automation company revolutionizing the way you

live and interact with your home

Making life easier, convenient, sustainable.


From electric vehicles to solar panels, and everything in between, our cutting-edge technology integrates seamlessly with your daily life, enhancing your comfort, security, and energy efficiency.


Conexxt Direct ™ as a smart home automation company is dedicated to transforming the way you experience your living space.


In today's connected world,

'If it runs on electricity, it will have an app'.


Conexxt Direct™ ensures it all works together seamlessly. Our innovative solutions connect and control various aspects of your home, including lighting, temperature, security, and energy management.


With a focus on sustainability and user-friendliness, our systems learn and adapt to your habits, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience.


The smart home revolution starts with

Conexxt Direct ™

Discover a new level of comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.


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